TTScope 2.0

The TTScope is used to transfer data, view and measurement on oscilloscopes
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The TTScope software is used to transfer data, view and measurement on TEKWAY’s oscilloscopes to an external PC. As the cost-free, value-added accessory, the TTScope works as well as other expensive, comparable connect software, enabling scope users to remotely or onsite control over the scopes (with a GUI to simulate the scope front panel) for data acquisition in lab environments though an external PC. To simplify measurement work and maximize measurement efficiency, all acquisition data, views and measurement in tabular formats on the oscilloscopes can be transferred to other formats (BMP or CSV) Microsoft’s Excel or other software can process conveniently.

In addition, the TTScope software can simultaneously command multiple Tekway’s feature-rich, high performance, economical oscilloscopes remotely or onsite through a single PC, and help you get the most out of your scopes in all of complex environments. Even in the general measurement and test practices.

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